How to set up your Products

The Product section of the app is a great place for you to house your product lines and SKU information. Your product info serves as the starting point for you use all of Rodeo’s free sales and planning tools, including the Pricing Calculator and The Sales Planner.

Add your first product line name with their wholesale cost and case quantity. Once you’ve created your first product line you can add the SKU’s associated with each product. You can add as many product lines and SKUs as you need. Quickly fill out your product lines by Duplicating and modifying SKU information within a single product line.

Add and export distribution center availability by SKU with the Distribution Center Matrix. This allows you to view the distribution center availability in a standard Excel format. This is normally requested by brokers or other 3rd party sales agents. It displays which SKUs your brand has listed in each of the common distributors, distribution centers and wholesale platforms.

Get started building out your product lines and Utilizing Rodeo’s sales tools here:

Add your first Product Line:

  1. Select Products in the left hand menu.

  2. To add your first product line select Add Product Line

A Product Line is a grouping of SKUs that share similar characteristics such as net weight, wholesale price, and case pack.

  1. Enter your Product Line information*, Name (Required), Ships from Zip, Wholesale Unit Price and Wholesale Case Quantity.*
    1a. Wholesale Unit Price and Wholesale Case Quantity is not required for creating a product line but is required when using the Sales Planner.

  2. Click Create to save the product line information

  3. To create another product line click the + in the upper right.
    3a. You can create as many unique product lines as you need.

  4. Delete and existing product line by select the product and clicking the Trashcan icon.

Create a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit):

  1. Add a SKU associated with the selected Product Line by clicking the + button in the SKU’s section
  2. Add SKU Name (Required), Internal SKU Identifier, Unit UPC, Case UPC, Unit Net Weight, and Unit COGS*
    1. Find Product SKU information and term definitions by clicking the “?” icon in the lower righthand corner.
    2. *Unit COGS is needed for using the Pricing Calculator.
    3. Your Unit COGS is the cost of all the materials used to make your product on an individual unit basis, plus labor and freight in (the freight cost to bring your products to your inventory holding warehouse).
  3. Click Create to save the SKU.

Modifying Product Lines and SKUs:

  1. Click on an existing product line or SKU at anytime to add or change information and click Save
  2. Delete a SKU by clicking on the Trashcan icon inline on the right.

Duplicate an existing SKU:

  1. Duplicate will create a new SKU with all the existing SKUs information including distribution center availability.
  2. You will need to edit Internal SKU Identifier, Case UPC, and Unit UPC information before clicking Create.

Add SKU availability by distribution center

  1. In an existing or new SKU you can add distribution centers by clicking on the “+” button next to each center name in the left column.
  2. You can remove distribution centers by clicking on the “-” button on the right column.
  3. You can add or remove all distribution centers.
  4. Save your SKU information once you have finished adding your distribution centers.

Export Distribution Center Matrix

  1. After all your product line and SKU information are saved you can Export your distribution matrix.
  2. This triggers an excel sheet download that included the following information.
    1. SKU Name
    2. Unit UPC
    3. Added Distribution Center Name
    4. SKU availability in that Distribution Center