Kosher Certifiers

Do you know of any Kosher Certifiers? I understand you can find local options, but curious to know if there are national organizations in Rodeo’s network.

Hi @EatMoreVeggies!

Yes, we do. Here’s a list of national and widely recognized certifiers:

Orthodox Union

Star-K Kosher

OK Kosher

Natural Foods Certifiers

We would recommend contacting any of them and they will get you in touch with a Rabbi who will have questions for your brand. There will be paperwork and product profiles to fill out similar to other certification types. They will then send a Rabbi to the manufacturing facility to ensure that it has been blessed and to check on processes and raw materials.

Again, there are less expensive routes to kosher certification than these options, but you would have to search more locally and they won’t be as well recognized within the Jewish Community.