What temperature should I ship chocolate in?

I’m trying to figure out what temperature I should ship chocolate in…does it have to be refrigerated or is ambient okay? I’m shipping milk chocolate by the pallet across the country to my 3PL.

This is a really tricky thing to manage!

Our team has worked with chocolate brands before and we placed small neon stickers on the outside of all of our shipping boxes that said “Must be kept below 70 degrees” to try to minimize melting. We shipped with insulated packing material and ice packs as well as used expedited shipping in the summer months if it was going DTC and used reefer if it was LTL.

For the cooler months, we just looked at the temperature of where it was coming from and where it was going to and made a determination. Most of the time it could ship ambient without an issue but here and there we would get a complaint.